Everything to hand the ‘Xpand’ accessories

Every project is different and every professional has their own way of handling it. That's why you can add various Bahco Xpand accessories to the Storage HUB which simplify the project while improving efficiency and work safety. Unlike many other accessories, these can be attached easily and with total stability.


Interchangeable tops for a multifunctional tool trolley

Composite (standard)

The composite bench top combines a heavy-duty structure with a soft-touch finish, creating the perfect work area which is resistant to the most common lubricants.

Chestnut wood

Because of its excellent ability to absorb shocks, the 40 mm thick protective paint layer makes this bench top the best solution.


The 40 mm thick MDF is just as strong as the chestnut wood top, but is lower in price.

Stainless steel

The stainless steel top is ideal for sterile environments. The inside is made of MDF, making it perfect for absorbing shocks.

Do you want Total
Access Control?

Then choose one of the locking upgrades: