The Safety at Work Program

Your safety, our concern

Every 7 seconds a worker is injured on the job

That's 540 every hour, 12,900 each day.

  • 22.2%

    More than one in five (22.2%) fatal accidents at work in the EU-28 in 2012 took place within the construction sector

  • 12,900

    Every 7 seconds a worker is injured on the job. 540 per hour, 12,900 a day, 90,400 a week

  • 4.821

    Census of fatal occupationa; injuries, 4,821 people - more than 13 per day - died while doing their jobs

    According to the BLS 2014

Our new program can help you reduce and avoid risks at your workplace

Essential in these industries


Discover the TOOLS@HEIGHT range


Every piece of equipment in the Tools@Height range has been developed to provide the best solution while working above ground level. As they are designed to be used at height, rather than adapted to fit the purpose, they provide the best in safety without compromising on robustness or performance.

Bahco is a member of DROPS (Dropped Objects Prevention Scheme), an industry-wide initiative focused on preventing dropped objects. All our Tools@Height solutions are approved according to DROPS’ best practices and are also certified by TESICNOR.

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Appropriate attachment points For easy connections to belts, holsters and lanyards

Sealed connections Prevent dismantling and ensure integrity

Reliable materials Our handles use materials, such as polypropylene, that enable a better grip

Essential in these industries

Non sparking tools

Discover the NON SPARKING TOOLS range


The range of Bahco Non Sparking tools has been designed for use in potentially explosive environments, where “traditional” steel tools may create sparks. The potential risk of fire and explosion is caused by the presence of combustible or easily ignitable vapours, liquids and dust (ATEX zones) common in many industries.

Made in non-ferrous materials, Non-sparking tools reduce the change to produce sparks when working with them.

Produced according to the international standards of DIN and ISO in terms of dimensions, cutting capacity and strength, our Non-Sparking tools are tested and adapted to fit every purpose.

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Non-ferrous metals For high corrosion resistance and reduced chance of sparks

The right metal for the job Al-Br and Cu-Be to satisfy all industry requirements

Essential in these industries

Insulated tools

Discover the INSULATED TOOLS range

Identification Colour-coded components make the right tool easy to find

Three-layer coating A colour-coded, visual warning system that highlights wear and tear

Heavy duty insulation Protection for up to 1000 volts is moulded directly onto the tools

For protection from electricityInsulated Tools

Our Insulated tools are designed to give assured protection while working with or close to live electricity. Whether you are uncertain if equipment is switched on or are unable to turn the power off, up to 1000 volts of protection in every tool means you can work with confidence at all times.

All our Insulated tools are individually tested, inspected and manufactured according to international IEC 60900 standards. Our stringent testing includes individual checks for marking durability, electrical penetration, impact, assembly, fireproofing, defects, dimensions, insulation adhesion and dielectric performance.

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THE ULTIMATE IN PERSONALISATIONHave your products always at hand!

Our cutting edge Configurator software lets you personalise your tool storage management, deciding how many drawers you need and where everything should go. You can also choose drawer combinations, colours, tops, even wheels and locking mechanism. It’s highly responsive, professional and does a great job.  Attributes you probably recognise...

Discover the power of BETMS


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