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Our business is at the very heart of the story of tools

Tool manufacturing is a fascinating combination of raw, basic elements and the most modern high technology. Hand tools exist since 2.5 million years ago and some of them have not changed much to the eye over the past century. However, there is an ongoing development in terms of materials and manufacturing processes, in which we focus on innovation, ergonomics and performance.  

Our products are designed for professionals of various industries, such as aviation, oil & gas, metal cutting, building and construction, automotive, landscaping and vineyards. We manufacture vast majority of products in our own factories located throughout Europe. Our partner distributors are delivering them to the professional end-users, as well as to discerning private users.

Our ambition is to continue being an unfailing company, professional above all, one which contributes to people’s wellbeing by offering the most valued productivity solutions in the world.

Marian T. Wells
President, SNA Europe Group

The history of SNA Europe

A century of commitment to our customers.

We have dedicated ourselves to our customers and partners since our first hand tools were manufactured in Sweden in 1850. Explore the SNA Europe timeline to discover how over 150 years of history has shaped our partnership expertise.


Oberg started producing files in Eskilstuna, Sweden and exported actively from the next year on.


Goran Frederik Goransson made the first saw blades marked with the famous  "Fish & Hook" symbol.


The Irimo brand was established in Urretxu, Spain. Offering "Honesty in Quality, honesty in Warranty".


B.A. Hjorth & Co. become the joint stock company AB Bahco.


Palmera, Irimo and Acesa merge to form Herramientas Eurotools SA.


Bahco Group AB and Herramientas Eurotools SA merge to form the SNA Europe Group.

SNA Europe's presence

Made in Europe.
Sold to The World.

Our primary focus on European manufacturing, sales and distribution means we are ideally placed to bring you Europe's leading hand tool brands. However, our market presence spans from Santiago, Chile to Auckland, New Zealand. So wherever on the globe our hand tools are required, we will supply through people who understand the local market.

Our Sites
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Growing your business

Because our success depends on yours

We work hard at our partnerships, at all times working on how we can build your wealth today and far into the future. Your reputation is ours. For hand tool quality. For sustainability and reliable delivery. For 100 years and beyond. Partnership is our craft, and it is our privilege to master it with you.

Global resource

Over the last hundred years, we have built a company that you can rely on to deliver the global resources to build profitable partnerships for the future.


Continuous research and development puts you at the forefront of ergonomic design and technical innovation with Europe's premier hand tool portfolio.


We are driven to partner you in the growth of your business, we are passionate about achieving it through knowledge, quality, integrity and efficiency.

Sales support

We are dedicated to optimizing your sales through ongoing user-driven marketing, product demonstrations, technical assistance, merchandising and brand building activities.


Our associates are leaders in their fields with the specialist knowledge and experience to develop your business far into the future.

Our parent companyCommitment to
deliver the best tools

In 2005, Herramientas Eurotools SA and Bahco Group AB, two tool companies belonging to Snap-on Incorporated since 1995 and 1999 respectively, merged to create SNA Europe.

Snap-on Inc. was founded in 1920 and is based in Kenosha (USA). Snap-on Inc. was the first tool company to manufacture and sell interchangeable sockets and wrench handles. Since then the commitment to provide the most valued productivity solutions in the world has been in the heart of its philosophy.

Today, Snap-on Inc. is a leading global innovator, manufacturer and marketer of tools, equipment, diagnostics, repair information and system solutions for professional users performing critical tasks in different areas in industries, aerospace, aviation, agriculture, construction, mining, natural resources, power generation. In 2014, Snap-on employed 11,400 persons globally and reached net sales of $3.3 billions and $421.9 millions of net earnings. More info...